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Thanks for Being a Considerate Driver

It has been awhile since I have driven in rush hour traffic.  My work affords me the luxury of working at home, or in places on non-busy roads 10 minutes from home.  This morning, I took the carpool of kids to high school, and thought about how much trust we put in other people every day we travel on busy roads.  We hope that today, people will be kind and move with the flow of traffic, letting in the merging car, stopping so turning traffic can complete their turns, and being mindful of pedestrians.  I was sitting at a traffic light on Parker, and could feel the rush of the oncoming traffic every time my van shook with the speed of their passing.  Sitting in the front of the line, I realized how vulnerable I was to an accident if someone passed at the wrong time and cut someone off, or if someone decided to run a red light.

I may drive with a little more room in between my car and the next, and it may take me a little longer to get somewhere, but I am talking minutes, not hours.  I take the time to watch traffic and keep my eyes on fast movements, and accommodate for those who make quick lane changes.  I do this with 20 + years experience of driving a car.   I think about all those new 16 year old drivers, who are busy getting to school to find the right parking place, to rush in the school building to talk to friends before school starts, not thinking about how they may be driving.    I wonder how often they are the ones I am accommodating for, and I am grateful for my patience.  I continue to trust that other people are just as  mindful, not rushing through school zones, and remembering that getting somewhere safe is more important than getting through this traffic light.

So this is a thank you to all the considerate drivers who I am trusting will take care of our young kids by being aware of their presence on the road, in cars and in crosswalks.   Lots of parents in the world thank you too!

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