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The Iron Door

Last fall, I discovered a website called Abbey of the Arts.  Christine Valters Painter is an artist, author and wonderful retreat leader, helping others to be present in the moment.  She has a poetry post, where people respond to a picture with their own words.  Here is my response to this week’s picture.


In swirls and spirals
my eyes dance,
caught up in the way
plays off the ridges
of your filigreed armor.

For a moment
I am so enamored with your steel beauty
I forget why I am here.

Slowly, I move my gaze
to your eyes that tell the truth-
they are no good at hiding the pain
of your loneliness.

How often we decorate our lives
with iron attraction
pretending our soul is at rest.

Oh, that we could shed our fancy scribbles,
our material shackles,
hiding our true selves.

That we could trust enough
to be bare and unprotected,
take an inspired breath,
in a moment of utter vulnerability
melt our armor with truth and authenticity.

The soft beauty of connection
reminds us we are not alone.



How might you describe this picture in your own words?

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