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The January Journey

The beginning of 2010 did not start off as I had planned.  On the 6th of January, I fell on black ice and broke my wrist so badly that I had to have a plate put in to stabilize the bone.  This was after almost two full weeks of pain and swelling and a not so nice doctor who bent my wrist without any warning and put it in a cast that made me look  like I was doing the “Walk like an Egyptian” dance.  The worst part about all of this was that I broke the wrist of my dominant hand.  That really didn’t match up well with my goal of writing two hours a day.

So what have I done to make it through this month?  Count my blessings!  My fall could have been worse, I could have broken an ankle or fingers at the same time.  I could have been far away from my house by myself, but I was only 25 yards from home walking with my husband and daughter, who took great care of me.  My daughters have risen to the occasion and have helped with cooking, cleaning, and even washing and styling my hair.  I have a great network of friends who have brought meals for my family.  I have also watched my share of HGTV and What Not to Wear.  Now that I am finally mending and have more movement in my fingers, it is time to start writing.

The interesting twist is that I am not going to delve into the book I was planning to work on.  This month brought a new idea and clarity about what my path is.  I am working on a book by writing with my non-dominant hand, and seeing what comes of it.  I know that part of my lesson is that it is important to receive love, which I have been doing.  It is also important to love me when I am just being, and not doing.  This takes a little more work, and that I believe is February’s journey.  Learning to love and honor me and the wisdom of the inner child will be my path.  I hope you will share in it.

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