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The Journey Toward Interdependence, not Independence

hands holding each other

hands holding each other

I have a little notebook in my purse that often gets pulled out on Sundays as I sit in church, and words of wisdom are often scribbled on the pages .  Yesterday, as Fr. Pat talked about relationships, he mentioned that our life’s journey isn’t to become more independent, but to become more aware of our interdependence.

That fact has become  clear to me as Becca enters the Peace Corps.  She went with the blessing of all of her friends, our friends, our family, and our community which now reaches as far as Apia, Western Samoa.  Becca’s leaving did not create a hole in our circle, but rather widened it to include a set of small islands in the South Pacific.   When we recognize our connectedness to the world around us, our hearts become larger as the world becomes smaller and far less remote.

All it takes is for us to wake up and realize that we do belong to each other, and true success comes from sharing the burden of another human being  and making it easier to bear.  When I was recovering from my long illness, I know that while I had to do the work of healing, I was never alone on my  journey.  People who loved and cared about me walked beside me, offering their constant support.

My friend Andrea is getting married next week. She has been so kind and giving to me this past year, and it is my turn to give back.  I will take some time to help her with her ceremony and bake some goodies.  It is no big deal for me, but it is huge for her.  Just like the layout of my book last year was huge for me, and she did it without a worry of what she was getting in return.  We rely on one another  to lessen the load with laughter and cheerfulness, and to see each other with eyes of love.

While I do like being able to stand on my own two feet, there is great comfort in knowing that I am indeed part of an ever widening circle of friends and family who are connected through love and who are here to share in life’s journey.




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