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The Soulful Marketer

Today I had the great pleasure of working with Andrea Costantine, a woman who is an incredible source of light and information about soulful marketing. I paid for some one on one time with Andrea and I loved every minute of being on the phone with her.  First, she affirmed my journey and congratulated me on the steps I have made towards my goal.  My passion and joy in life is writing.  Not only do I have a story (Or two or three!) to tell,  I have a goal of increasing my readership list to 1000 people by the end of the year. I am choosing to focus my efforts online, through my blog and social networking, and inviting people to sign up for my monthly newsletter.  Andrea had wonderful suggestions about enticing readers to learn more about me and my book project.   I now have a focus about what kinds of content will show up on my blog.  I have spread myself too thin for so long, trying to do too many things, and not feeling good about completing any of them with grace and ease.  With a centralized focus, and scheduled writing times, I feel much more like my goal is possible.  If anyone is struggling to find their way, or are wondering how to follow their passion and make money doing it, I highly suggest getting into contact with Andrea.  She listens and leads with her heart, and you will walk away from your encounter with her with more focus, energy and direction about how to live and be successful doing and BEING what you love!

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