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Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned
Flowing with the wind

Flowing with the wind

Are you willing to let go of the life you have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for you?


This question was in my inbox this morning, and it reminded me of the homily this weekend, when Fr. Pat talked about how life doesn’t always turn out as you planned.  I can say that my own life experience has not been an easy one, and yet, when I look at where I am today because of the darkness of illness, the struggles I have to be a successful entrepreneur,  I know that amazing light can come from things unplanned.

Letting go of my plans is often difficult for me.  As a recovering perfectionist, I want my days to be laid out in an organized fashion because I like to be in control. Okay, I like the illusion of control.   I create in my head how I want my life to look, and yet, my planned life is boring at times, going through the motions, stuck in the sameness of action that doesn’t always lead me to the joy and vitality of life I am seeking.

I love this image of the kites, because I think while we are anchored to our dreams and goals, we also have to be willing to flow with the wind, and allow life to take us on unexpected journeys.  That may look like following a new path, opening ourselves to new ways of thinking, being and doing in the world.  It is the spontaneity of the wind that carries the kites and makes them dance.

Spontaneous means to be unconstrained, unplanned, and to follow our instincts without effort.  The more I pay attention to this, the  more I see that my “work” may indeed be an event or a person that feels like an inconvenience, and yet, it is where God is asking me to be present.  Today, my  journey included returning Oscar, my neighbor’s dog, back to his home.  The proof of right action was in the smile I received.  I could have let someone else take care of it.  And it may seem like a small action, yet many small actions that come from being spontaneous can add up to a whole new direction in your life.

So what things do you need to let go of so you can allow real life to show up for you?  Maybe real life is showing up and you aren’t paying attention.   What can you do that is spontaneous?  Maybe if you listen to that little voice inside today, and follow where it leads regardless of how inconvenient we might think it is, you will find that you are on the exact right path.  And if we look closely, through the beautiful messiness of life, we may find the grace of God.

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  1. Hey Jan,
    Were you writing this just for me today? 🙂 It is interesting that the words I need to hear often come right at me at the time I need them! Thanks for sharing…and pushing…and helping me grow.

  2. Hi Mary. I am glad the words spoke to you today. I think there are always messages, it is just a matter of being willing to receive them. That is what I am working on, and will be sharing more about in upcoming posts.

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