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Tigger Awaits

Today is the day!  After seventeen weeks away, Becca is finally coming home from her semester abroad.  It has been an amazing experience for her, yet she is just as excited as we are for her to arrive home.  Even Tigger and the Christmas Bear await hugs from Becca.

I love that my little girl is grown up enough to travel around the world, but still comes home to snuggle in with her stuffed animals.  I can already hear Becca laughing with her sisters, connecting again with late night  stories.  The texting of movie quotes will begin soon, absent since the cost of texting was prohibitive in Europe. And cookies will be baked, as Becca re-acquaints herself with the family kitchen.  We have saved the baking of the Hershey kiss cookies for her.  And Becca will also set up the wooden train, still in the box awaiting her arrival.

My heart feels light and joyous as I, like Tigger, await the love that Becca brings wherever she goes.    The message on facebook, “Mama, five days!” melted my heart as her voice rang out in the silent exchange.   Being the parent of three lovely daughters is one of the greatest blessings in my life, and I am forever grateful that Becca has traveled safely home.  Now I look forward to the pictures and stories of her travels, and the many hugs that will be shared in the month that she is home from school.  Family time is my favorite time, and I look forward to being present to my girls and Tony for the next couple of weeks.  Life is amazing!  Thank you God!

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  1. Melisa, thanks for stopping by and reading! I so enjoy getting to express my life through words. Being a parent, I know you can totally understand the joys of having your children back in your house for the holidays. Love them, laugh, and know that Life is good!

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