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Treated like a Queen

I have known Anna since she danced across the floor with my own little Hannah, making beautiful swirls with her silk scarf.  Being quiet and somewhat shy, Anna spoke through her dance, allowing others to know the wonderful little spirit inside this quiet child.

Today, Anna is a beautiful young talented woman, pampering women while she goes back to school to earn a degree in wholistic medicine.  I got the privilege of being pampered by Anna while she colored my hair.  She works in a place called Hana Designs, and while I am enjoying the conversation I have with Anna, I am really watching out of the corner of my eye the delight and smiles of women who have endured much and are now in a place of finding a little joy in looking normal.

You see, Hana, the shop owner of this Aveda spa, has been helping women for many many years, find the perfect wig to wear after facing chemotherapy.  Women come in with a glimmer of hope in their eyes and they leave after lots of hugs, thanking Hana for helping to pick out the wig, styling it to their specific face, and providing a safe place for sharing the emotional roller coaster of cancer.

From my little chair in the corner of the shop, I really love seeing women smile and show their gratitude for the personal service they receive at Hana Designs.  And although I am not there for a wig, I am grateful Anna works in a place where I too am pampered.

As I wait for my hair, I sip some lovely tea and get lost in the soothing music.  After my color, I get to lie down on a massage table, and while my scalp is massaged, my body is getting pampered from the massage mat beneath me, sending much needed attention to my back, hips, knees and feet.  For ten minutes, I am on the beach, letting the waves roll over me.  Blissful!

I walk away with coppery highlights, a sense of well-being, and a vow that next time, I will get a pedicure while I am waiting.  I deserve to treat myself like a queen!

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