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Turkey Breasts Anyone?

Natural turkeys are on sale at Whole Foods and I want  to take advantage of the sale.  Knowing that a turkey is all I am picking up, I neglect to snag a small cart as I am walking into the store. I head back to the meat department and find the frozen turkeys I am looking for.  I scoop one into my arms and then have a brilliant idea to pick up a second for another occasion.

Take a minute to form the mental picture because even now as I am thinking about it, I see how ridiculous I must have looked.  A frozen turkey under each arm, I make my way to the front of the store.

Not even ten feet later, I am realizing that the cold is too much for me and I will never make it.  At that same time, a woman rounds the corner into the aisle and upon seeing me, bursts out into a huge belly laugh.  “You look silly,” she giggles.  I laugh too and my numb hands tell me it is time to get a cart.  I put the turkeys back where I got them and when I turned around, my giggling friend offers me her cart since she is almost done and has a bag to carry her groceries.

She tells me the story of working in a restaurant where they carried big jugs to clean up at closing time, and the wait staff would kid each other.  “Nice jugs,” they would say.  So when she saw me, all she could think about was “Nice breasts!”  Now the two of us are standing in an aisle, hunched over with laughter.

What a wonderful way to brighten up my shopping trip:  create a scene that causes someone to really laugh, and then  laugh at myself too.

Sharing the story when I get home encourages another comment that continued to raise my endorphin level.  My husband listens to the funny story, and then in jest, adds, “I bet that was the first time you have ever been complemented in public about your breasts!”  Yes, indeed.

What a great gift that laughter brings to a busy day.  Laughter can make all the gray in your day disappear momentarily, and if you are lucky, remind you that life is too short to be serious all the time.

Wishing you a day filled with laughter, even if you have to pick up frozen turkeys to make it happen.

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