A blog is a blog is a blog

I am not sure whatever made me think that what I post to a blog needs to be a polished piece that is edited several times over before I can post it.  Isn’t a blog by nature just a stream of consciousness, a group of thoughts on a certain issue?  I don’t think there are rules that say all blog posts have to be book quality.

I am aware of where my perfectionist tendencies get in the way of progress.  I see it in all corners of my life- writing, work, being a parent, even baking or cooking, especially when we are having company.  There are times when I just want things to be perfect.  There is nothing wrong with striving to be your best.  But trouble arises when the pursuit of perfection interferes with the actual achievement.

We’ve all heard the stories of parents who are so demanding of their kids that they can never be good enough.  My favorite is the kid who comes home with a test score of 91% and the dad who asks “Where is the other 9%?”   I don’t believe that I have done anything that blatant to my kids, but what about the times when they don’t do something to my standards, such as cleaning their bedroom?

Yesterday, I talked about judging myself and holding myself to high standards.  Here is where that gets ugly.  Because I expect so much out of me, I expect it out of other people too.

I am becoming better and letting go and reminding myself that my kids have their own lessons in life to learn, and that I don’t have to impose my lessons on them.  I can learn to let go, and let them live in their own messy room, or pay the consequences of waiting til the last minute to get homework done.  I don’t have to be their perfectionist coach.  I can just be their mom and support them in whatever lessons they learn from their own actions.

Accepting myself and others for being less than perfect ( for being human), is my lifelong lesson, and I continue to remind myself that I am just a student and haven’t perfected it yet! ( pun intended!)  So if my blog post isn’t perfect, then that is a really good thing!