Daily Wisdom

When I fell and broke my wrist in January, I very good friend of mine gave me an amazing gift.  It was a subscription to Philosopher’s Notes by Brian Johnson.  Brian has read all kinds of classic business, psychology and self help books and has written 6 page summaries and recorded 20 minute MP3s on each book so that one can absorb the big ideas of books in a shorter amount of time.  Those twenty minutes every morning have been a great way to start my day.   www.philosophersnotes.com

I believe these notes are beginning to sink in.  When I hear ideas about positive thinking and taking action over and over again, it motivates me to think about what I am doing and how I can do it better.  I am also learning that no one can be in DO mode all the time, and that our bodies need rest, proper nutrition and exercise, and time for creative thinking.

I am creating a notebook of all the notes for reference.  My scribbles are all over them, circling ideas that I will use in my own books as I write.  And I love having MP3’s so that I can listen to a note when I am cooking dinner or driving somewhere.

Today’s note contained a quote from Albert Einstein.  “The single most important decision any of us ever have to make is whether or not we will live in a friendly universe.”    I get to decide what my day, my life is going to look like.  If I look for all the bad in the world, I will surely find it.  If I choose to find the good in any situation, I will surely find that too.  I am choosing to be an optimist, and  that make my life a lot easier.  I still have bumps in the road, but the bumps become opportunities for me to become a better person.  I can see good, even in things like a broken wrist.