Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Me!

I just celebrated my birthday on Saturday.  I was touched by one of the cards I received in the mail.   It said,”May this next year of your life be as good for you as you are to everyone else.”  I think it struck me because the whole first part of this year, with my broken wrist and learning to journal left handed, has been about taking care of me.  This was just another gentle reminder that I am someone worth taking care of!

I realize that if I don’t take care of me, I get tired quickly and I tend to be more judgmental of myself.  This leads to me being more judgmental of others.

During this season of Lent, the 40 days before Easter, I am going to work on taking better care of myself.  It is time to get back to my regular exercise routine.  It is a great period of time to eat less sweets and more vegetables and fruits.  And it is a good time to work on my relationships.

Today, I did an exercise with my husband that we will do with engaged couples in a workshop setting.  I told him 5 things I appreciated about him, and then he told me 5 things that he appreciates about me.  One of my appreciations of Tony was how he is really present when we talk, looking into my eyes and letting me know that what I have to say is important.  That is what I would like to work at giving back to him over the next 40 days.  Again, this comes back to being present to my own needs.   When I don’t treat myself with respect, I don’t treat others with respect.  I am listening better to my inner child, and I will listen better to those around me.

Lighting a candle helps to bring my attention back to the present moment.  So when I am with self, or with other important people in my life, I am going to use a candle as a way to remember that I am Divine, and those around me are Divine also.  I will look for the light of love within myself as well as in others.

I love that the universe keeps giving me chances to get this love thing right.  I continue to work on loving myself so I can love others more presently and completely.  Happy Birthday me!  I am proud of the journey you are taking, and the progress you are making!  Yea!