In a wonderful little book called “Let in the Light” , the author, Patrica H. Livingston, talks about reframing a situation so that you see the positive instead of the negative.  She shares a story about her daughter in labor in a very noisy busy hospital and realized that she was complaining endlessly until her daughter made her look at the new bundle of joy lying in her arms.  She was able to reframe the situation and look at all the good in that given moment.

Our Trump Network team is in the middle of two radio ad campaigns and the voice mail system broke down and the leads weren’t getting through.  Some leads were double, some only had phone numbers, and some were two days old because they were lost in the system.  After 15 minutes of complaining, I mentioned that we might want to reframe the situation and look at the benefits that might come out of this situation.  Yes, it really was a pain, and we were hard pressed to find the good.  However, when the leads were distributed manually, there was less error.  There was more of a team connection, because we were emailing and talking to each other more  often.  And the leaders will now know the voice mail system so well that in the future, they will be able to handle any challenges more readily.

How often we move through our days and get caught up in the negative stuff all around us and forget to witness the miracles that are right under our nose.  Sure, sometimes you do have to dig a little for them, yet how rewarding life is when you can see Divine Love in action!  What an amazing world we live in!  Don’t you agree?