My oldest daughter is home from college for her spring break.  I am keenly aware of how the energy in our house changes when she is home.  She brings sunshine and love wherever she goes, and when she is with her two sisters, giggles abound!  Our second daughter is a junior in high school, already fretting over how she could possibly leave her baby sister when she herself goes off to college.  I never had a sister, so I look with appreciation and a little bit of envy at what the girls share.  They have a language of their own, which mostly consists of movie and Friends quotes thrown into the conversation at the right time.  Whenever they are together, they hug each other and laugh a lot.  Rarely do I hear them speak angrily toward one another.  And when one is hurting, the other two rally around and provide support, comfort, grounding, and wisdom.  Is it possible that all sisters have these moments?  I can’t go back in my memory and compare my relationships with my brothers to one with a sisterly love.  It just isn’t the same.  So while at times, I think about what I missed out on, I am incredibly grateful when I watch my three daughters, spreading their love and good cheer to those around them, their Divine Light growing brighter with time.