Thawing my Winter Heart

I love the quiet of the mornings when everyone else is off to school and work, and I get to sit down for some quiet reflection.  Last night we got a dusting of snow.  Now as the sun dances across the shimmering surfaces, I watch as the snow melts off the mailbox, first in drips, then in a large chunk.  The melting reminds me that green things will be growing soon.

It is that time of year when we begin to thaw out, and make way for spring.  So what in my life needs to thaw so I can grow?  What have I closed my heart to because of fear, depression, anger, and how can I bring that part of my heart back to life?

I was talking to a friend the other day about the healing journey we continue to walk together, and I made a comment about how much “stuff” there is to deal with in life, and wondered what happens to those people who don’t ever take the time to reflect and learn from the experiences of their lives.  I know that the more work I do on myself, the more work I find to do.  I am the never ending onion, peeling back a layer and finding another underneath.  Yet somehow I know that I am getting closer to the essence of who I am.

George Leonard, author of Mastery says that the traveler is fortunate if the path is profound and complex enough to make the destination two miles farther away for every mile he or she travels.   That is what the journey of life feels like.  When the obstacles in my way become opportunities to grow and shift my view of the world, then I am truly living the journey, not waiting for the destination.   This has been so true for me this year.  I started out with all my goals lined up, and a broken wrist became an obstacle to reaching those goals.  Now I am happy to have had the time to learn the lessons of slowing down, to rediscover my inner child, and learn to embrace her as part of my life.  I realize that any goal I set needs to have balance so that I can continue to nurture my ability to play, be creative, and have fun.

Today I will embrace whatever challenge comes my way because I know that there is new life on the other side of that challenge.  I am looking for things that need to thaw in me, and using the resources of the abundance universe to help me do that.  I am melting my hardened ways and looking to be more gentle with myself and others.