The Power of Your Other Hand

“In teaching hundreds of people to write with both hands, I’ve observed over and over that writing done with the other hand often expresses the disowned and oppressed parts of the self.  With profound simplicity the other hand speaks for the powerless, weak, subordinate aspect of the personality…  It is easier to express feelings by writing with the other hand.  For that reason, it is an excellent therapeutic technique.  Scribbling out rage, fear, frustrations, sadness, helplessness, and vulnerability can bring immeasurable relief, both physically and emotionally. It is a wonderful way to reduce stress caused by the buildup of emotions.  It’s a safe method for letting off steam without hurting anyone or anything.  It is a playful way to dump emotions without attacking others or the environment.”      The Power of Your Other Hand, by Lucia Capacchione,PHD

Oh, the things we take for granted:  Our ability to use our wrists and fingers without fatigue.  As I am healing from wrist surgery, I realize how I need to allow my body to rest after a little computer work.  I am rebuilding my strength, but it will take time.  So I am learning to write left handed to take a little load off my right wrist. I love this journey I am taking because it is getting me in touch with my inner child, and I am learning how out of balance my life has become.  I have been so stuck in the doing world, that I have neglected myself, especially the creative side of myself.  Getting back in touch with my inner voice is beginning to make my body feel a little more centered.  Using Lucia’s book as a reference, I am making my way through exercises designed to give voice to that part of me that has so long gone without being heard.  Trauma in my childhood caused me to lose my inner voice, and my ability to speak up for my needs. Through years of journaling, counseling, and body work, and am working toward a more complete and balanced me.  Jannie, my inner child, has agreed to teach me what I have long forgotten:  Life is too short to be too serious, you have to play sometimes, and when we walk hand in hand with those we love, life is grand!  I will be sharing my journey with Jannie, and letting you in on the secrets she reveals.  I don’t think it will be earth shattering, and it won’t be anything you haven’t heard before.  But this will be in Jannie’s voice, and that is all that matters.