A Tool for Releasing the Past

Whether we know it or not, the past experiences that have shaped us often continue to shape us energetically.  If we are living in the space of “What if this had been different?” or “I will never forget that hurt,” we prevent ourselves from being fully present now, in this moment, and we limit the resources we have available to us.  We may be able to recall a specific incident from the past that still stirs up negative feelings in us, or we may just want to release whatever it is unconsciously that holds us bound.

Ho-oponopono is a great technique for releasing the past and being more fully present.  It is an ancient Hawaiian ritual meant to bring about reconciliation and healing.   Basically, the word means to make right with the ancestors or people with whom you have relationships. Who or what situation do you need to forgive?  Holding on to anger is like taking a poison and expecting another person to be affected by it.  When you forgive someone, you are actually freeing yourself from the situation.  By asking forgiveness, you are allowing whatever piece you may have played in a situation to be forgiven also.   Here is another blog post I wrote about Ho’oponopono.  The Silver Lining

Since I shot this video of the mountain stream last weekend, I thought I would create a healing video you can use to help you bring more forgiveness into your life.  As the stream is rushing by, imagine letting go of all the hurt you might feel and releasing it into the water to be moved out of your energy field. Watch this as often as you need, especially when feeling of anger arise within you.  You will be amazed at how good it feels to release negativity and replace it with love!