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Waiting with Hope

We do a lot of waiting in our lives.  Standing in lines, waiting for the train or bus, waiting for the right job, waiting for the money we need to sustain us.  Yet there is a difference between waiting in hope and waiting in fear.

We wait in fear when we become impatient with the timing of the universe, not trusting that God has our best interest at heart.  And in our need to control what is around us, we often settle for something that is not in our best interest. For example, If I have a passion to help people in a particular way, yet I take a job without the hours and flexibility I need to keep writing my book, then I am acting in fear that my gifts are not welcome in the world.  Sometimes out of fear, I make quick decisions that take me out of my power and away from the passion that is brewing in me.  And that is when I show up as a fake in the world, not living my true calling.

By contrast, waiting in hope is believing that something is moving and growing inside of me, even if there are not external results.  That is not to say that waiting in hope is passive.  It is actively focusing on and moving toward my passion by following my intuition and letting it guide my results.  Following my intuition will lead me to the right person to talk to who might just be the next step in the puzzle bringing me closer to realizing my dreams.

I have been doing a lot of waiting in hope for my book.  Little pieces are falling into place because I am listening to my inner voice that tells me how to live authentically.  People are showing up in my life, aligning with the needs I have for the book, and helping me bring my dream to fruition.  I have not pushed the process but instead have trusted that in Divine Order, my book will be complete and it will be the best it can be.  There won’t be any regrets because I am not forcing my own need to control the book.  I am trusting that God has a plan better and bigger than I can even imagine, and that plan will always surpass what I can create on my own.

As I wait in hope, I am trusting that the skills I have now are enough to allow me to move back into my healing practice and provide stress and pain management for those who are hurting.  I believe that God will direct me to the right people who are looking for what I have to offer.  I am moving out of fear and into hope, knowing that the universe is actively aligning all the pieces to make this happen.  After all, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my book is meant to be in the hands of many people and the only way to get there is to have the money to put it together.

So as I wait in hope for the completion of my book, I move forward joyfully, knowing that all of my needs are taken care of.  I am precious, honored, and held in the loving arms of God’s embrace.

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  1. I love the idea of waiting in hope. It feels largely unconscious when we are waiting in fear, sometimes the fear is real, sometimes we don’t even know what we are afraid of – but it’s just there keeping us from shining our light and from being everything we dream of being.

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