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Wake Up and Notice!

This is a year of change for me as I lead others on the journey toward better self-care.  I know that when I teach what I most need to learn, I shift faster.  I also know that if I announce that I am learning self-care, the universe is going to give me plenty of opportunities to learn!  I have to wake up to my life, and not just go through the motions to make changes.

The first step is to practice awareness. I am noticing how self-care takes a back seat to the other things on my list, unless I rise first thing in the morning and stretch, write and pray.  It takes discipline and consistency to make changes, and yet, I can already tell that I am thinking more about what I need to do for myself to keep in balance.  

Each time I draw this card, I am noticing the small changes taking place in me.  And it feels so good to be moving in a positive direction!


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