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Wake Up Now!

Here is an excerpt from Pocketful of Miracles, by Joan Borysenko

January 14th

What am I doing on earth, so far from Home?  I can no longer remember the bright fields from which I came, except in dreams.  And even these I forget upon awakening. My heart’s desire is to awaken from the dream of this life, in this life, that I may rejoice in the Divine Union here and now.  I am ready to wake up now.


Divine Spirit, thank you for a new day.  Just as I awakened this morning from the dreams of night, please help me awaken from the dreams of the day that keep me separate from you.  Today, each time I find my mind dwelling on worries of the past and future, let me pray:

I am ready to wake up now.  Heaven is right here, in this moment.


So often I spend my present worrying about the future. How will I get my book published?  How will I pay for all the people I need to help me publish my book?  Where will the money come from?  I am robbing myself of this moment in time that I can never re-live. I know that when I am completely wrapped up in the future, I am farthest from my experience of God.  When I am far from God, I find my thoughts plagued with the doubts and fears of whether or not I am good enough.

So today, my mantra will be, “I am ready to wake up now.  Heaven is right here in this moment.”   My heaven looks like a hot cup of tea next to my computer and a clear schedule so I can spend the morning writing and editing my book.  Heaven looks like my dog Sophie who reminds me to play as she watches for the squirrels in our backyard.  Heaven looks like the bright blue sky and the sun casting long shadows of bare tress across the melting snow.  Heaven slows my breathing and reminds me that All Shall be Well.

What does your heaven look like?

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  1. “Pocketful of Miracles” is part of my morning ritual. I love the messages and prayers/practices in Joan Borysenko’s wonderful daily companion.

    Heaven also reminds me that All IS Well Right Now because Now is the Most Perfect Moment There IS! And WE are all perfect expressions of Heaven and Divinity. YOU are Definitely Enough, Jan.

    Thanks for your authenticity.

  2. Donna, thanks for your comment. I appreciate you being an active part of my blog, and sharing your insights as well. I like when we have moments of clarity that remind us that Yes, indeed, the world is about living in the moment, and finding love wherever we are!

  3. I believe it all comes back to trusting.

    My heaven is all about being surrounded in natural beauty, a place in nature where the trees are lush, there are waterfalls, blue skies, and fresh air! Just writing that, takes me there!

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