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Walking on a Frozen Lake

We just got back from a few days in Grand Lake, where it is definitely mud season.  The dirt road around Columbine Lake is now a mud road, and the only place to walk without backsplash is actually across the lake.  It is a little bit scary when you first step foot on a frozen lake in the middle of March, but catching a glimpse of an old fishing hole and seeing that the ice is still 8-10 inches thick made me feel much easier.  Usually the snow is so high that it would take a lot of effort to walk through it without snoeshoes, but this time of year, it was perfect in my waterproof running shoes.  My husband and daughters actually kicked the soccer ball around for an hour on the ice.  What a strange picture in my mind, watching the ball soar above the lake, knowing that a few more weeks of warm weather would make their game impossible.

Walking across the ice made me think about the times when I choose to trust, even when I am afraid of falling.  God has provided watercress soup during a difficult time, a tank of gas in the middle of nowhere, and countless friends who pop up when I need them the most.  A little faith and trust helps me to expect the miracles that are around me, and realize that although they are truly amazing, they are common, and I just need to open my eyes to their presence.  I am aware of how some people might not think of a soccer game on a frozen field of ice as anything spectacular, but I choose to look at the world as if it is a miracle.

So today, as you are making your way on your journey, where do you find miracles?  In what areas do you trust that God is helping you to create something new and awesome?  Where do you find yourself walking on water, doing something you originally thought impossible?

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