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What are you Playing at?

Happy Summer!  The season is just a few weeks away and already, families are into the swing of the summer routine:  backyard BBQs, swimming, baseball, vacations.  It is fun to watch families out riding bikes together, and walking in the park.  I think summer can be a real time of slowing down and focusing on family time.  Yet it can also be a time of filling the schedule so full that we don’t have time to breathe. A friend of mine mentioned that her high school son plays 60 baseball games in  45 days.  He doesn’t have time for a summer job, and probably not a lot of time with friends, except on the field.

When did we become a society that forgets that unstructured play is necessary for our bodies and souls to find balance in this busy world?  I remember spending hours at the pool each day without a care, bouncing around in the water so much that I would have rubbed the skin off the bottoms of my toes. Or I would hang out with my friend, playing in the cool basement just to get out of the heat.

What was your favorite summer activity?  What is it today?

I know that as an adult, I have let my play slip out of my life.  Luckily I have a family that revels in play, so my summer resolution is to add more laughter and play into my daily routine.  (See, I even want to schedule play, just like a meeting!)   Instead, I am going to be open to the moments when spontaneous laughter shows up, causing tears to roll down my face.  I vow to take time to play in the dirt and plant flowers, swing on a swing at least once, and let the wind blow across my face.
I hope you find an abundance of and/or create play, delight, laughter, and joy this summer!

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