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What Do I Value?

I value words, written in essay and prose, that touches my heart and moves me into action, even if it is just into a more compassionate love.  I value my ability to communicate through words, allowing Divine Guidance to flow through me so that I can touch others in their challenges and pain.

I value honesty and a person who carries themselves with integrity. I am grateful for people who do what they say they will do.  This is an area I want to work on, especially in relationship to self.

I value myself and the gift of presence I bring to my clients.  I am grateful for my ability to be with someone, helping them on their journey to wholeness.

I value others and the gifts they share with me, allowing us to create a whole community of people whose purpose is to raise our awareness of divine working in our lives, through whatever gifts we bring.

I value family, spending time together laughing, sharing our ups and downs, and raising my daughters to be self-sufficient.

I value time spent with my husband, allowing us to dream of our present and future together.

I value quiet times of reflection, when I become centered and remember where I come from, and what my role on this earth is.

I value nature, and the quiet rhythms it returns to my soul.

I value God’s grace, and am thankful for all the times it shows up in my life.

I am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life that give me joy.

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