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What Do You Choose to See? Weeds or Blessings?

I am sitting in my backyard soaking in some sun. Looking around at the gardens, I notice  blades of tall grass that have gone to seed in our flower beds, along with the thick crabgrass,and my first thought is, ” We are having company on Sunday.  What will they think?”  And then I  laugh because no one who comes to my house, comes because I have immaculate gardens.  They come because our family welcomes them with open arms of love.

This reminded me of all the weeds I have growing in my own life.  The weeds of self-doubt, disorganization and disconnectedness often pull me from my authentic self and keep me from doing the work that I am meant to do.  What I know is that the more I struggle with these dark parts of my self the more they show up in my life.  Sometimes, I can only see the weeds and not the flowers that are blooming all around. Sometimes I focus too much on what I am not getting accomplished rather than the steps I have taken in the right direction.

Everyone has weeds.  They show up in gardens and in the parts of ourselves that we try to hide from others.  What would happen if we just admitted to others that we weren’t perfect?  What if we weren’t afraid to let others know  we struggle sometimes, and allow our real selves to shine through?

The only way to take action against the weeds that pop up is to first acknowledge their existence.  I have to be brave enough to face my weaknesses and that often means sharing them with others.  And when I share my struggles, amazing things happen.  I connect to others because they have struggles too.   There is no such thing as disorganization when you are fully present in the moment,because the present moment is all that matters.  And when I am connecting with others in the moment, all self-doubt disappears because I am living my authentic self. One step at a time, I turn my self-doubt into something good because I inspire someone else who doubts their ability to make a difference.   The weeds  are there to make us stronger and to help us become more aware of all the good already in our lives.

So what weed are you ready to acknowledge today?  Today, I am going to turn my thinking toward the ways I am already organized and use those strategies to help me keep organized in my business.  What small step will you take today and how can you turn your weeds into blessings?

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  1. I needed this reminder as I start getting ready for our open house for Zach’s confirmation. My guests are not coming to see my home and garden, “because our family welcomes them with open arms of love.”

    Thank you for this wonderful insight!

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