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What is Your Mack Truck Experience?

As I was getting lost in the world of Twitter this morning, and clicking over to websites to meet new people, I remembered a conversation I had with my friend Jay Heinlein.  We were talking about my own memoir called She Moved Mountains, and he suggested I talk to people about their own life stories, the traumatic experiences that feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck.

Have you ever in your life had an experience that left you so turned around, upside down, and spinning that you never thought you would find your bearings again?  I want to talk to you!

I am creating  a new section on my website for stories like yours that can give perspective to others and offer them a guiding light on their journey.

Here are the questions I am pondering.

1)  What was your Mack Truck Experience?

2)  How did you find your way back to center?

3) How does this experience color who you are today?

4)  What works of advice do you give to others who may be experiencing their own difficulties?

If you or someone you know has a story to tell, please let me know. I would love to help them share their story for the benefit of others.  Responses to this blog post are highly encouraged!

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  1. Jan,
    This is a great concept. I’ll have to think of my Mack Truck experience, I think I’ve had many of them. Have you reached out to some of the SYT authors, I bet they’d have a lot to say too.

    🙂 Andrea

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