Feeling Anxious?  Do you need some grounding to feel more at home in your body? 

Work with me from the comforts of your own home. 


I have been a healing touch practitioner since 2003.  I help balance the body’s energy centers to bring about a sense of peace and relaxation, or help those willing to release limiting beliefs from the past that prevent them from living in the present. 

Just as prayer is an energy you send to someone, long distance healing is the practice of sending compassionate, healing energy to another person. The recipient’s body receives the healing through focused intention. This works by me, the practitioner, focusing on the energy running through my hands as if they were on a person in my healing room. The recipient is in a place and space of rest, so they can be present to the subtle changes in their body’s energy. 

If you are interested in receiving a healing session from me, please reach out.  I am happy to talk to you about how we can connect. 


Experience the Joy and Peace of Energy Healing!

Are you beginning to experience or wake up to the energy around you?

Are you struggling with your health and can’t seem to find the answers you are looking for?

 Are you ready to open up to your own divine power?

Humans are energy fields.  When there is a disruption in the flow of a person’s field, it is challenging to find balance in mind, body, spirit.

Healing is about coming to wholeness with all aspects of the self.  It is about getting to know yourself so well that you notice the subtle shifts in your own energy, and then setting the intent to heal and return to balance.

As a healing touch/energy practitioner, I hold space for my clients’ healing to take place.  I work at being  grounded in stillness and awareness to let my intuition speak.  I am connected to Divine Source so I can be a conduit of love for my client. In this way, I create the illuminated space where healing takes place.

While focusing on increasing light and love in and around a client, I am actually re-patterning their energy field, and this soothing energy can support a client’s journey to wholeness.  The energy chakras open and flow and support each other.  This continued openness allows for growth and expansion.  While calmness might be a result of the healing session, we are working to remove blocks to allow one to vibrate in an ever expanding frequency and pattern. It has been my experience that disruptions in the field are actually a path to expanding consciousness.  When you own your own healing, you stop being a victim to what has occurred in your life and instead, begin to learn the lessons that your struggles are here to teach you.  When you step into this place of making decisions, and you are willing to let go of the belief systems that got you here, you are ready to step into your own wholeness.

Are you searching for more meaning in your life?

Are you waking up to your intuition but don’t know how to use it?

Do you feel other people’s pain?

Are you someone who doesn’t know how to stay grounded?

Now is the time to call, and set up a time to talk with me.  Let’s figure out how I can best support you on your journey forward.

When did you decide to work with Jan?

My brain had CRASHED! I literally had a meltdown. While attempting to work a “job I thought I wanted,” where I worked 12 hour shifts, while taking care of my home and family and attempting to write a book, I ended up in the hospital unable to speak, walk, write. My body had enough and my brain blew a circuit. Because I did not listen to all the initial signs of my body telling me to slow down, I ran my race even harder and ignored the pit stops along the way. So my body forced me to stop working, stop staking care of my kids, stop worrying about my home, stop worrying about everything except getting myself better. Thats when I knew, THAT IS ENOUGH. I was determined get healthy. There was major resistance in the beginning. A week out of the hospital, I tried going back to caring for everyone and my body crashed again. But I slowly started retraining myself how to say NO, and care for myself first, so that I could do for others.

Everything about my experience was amazing. I can breath again. During my session I was literally having a hard time in taking a breath. But there was a pivotal moment when my body took a deep breath in and released something with it. Jan does an outstanding job in creating a safe space to heal. I felt I could be “me” and vulnerable so that I could receive what I needed. Jan’s encouraging words and guided coaching helped me in realizing I have to ultimate choice in life. That I am not here to live anyones dream and life but my own. She helped in realizing I can achieve anything.

I am more relaxed- Things that would usually irritate me, now pass over me like a floating cloud. I acknowledge but do not react negatively. I had an ongoing pain in my chest that felt as though my bones were caving in around my heart- Can you believe the pain was GONE after I left? My pain is gone! I have focus- I set attainable goals and I achieve them one step at a time. I am more happy- After I left Jan’s session, I couldn’t stop laughing. (The cars passing by driving probably thought i was a looney because I couldn’t stop laughing). I was laughing so hard I was crying- it was if I learned to laugh again. It was a beautiful and paradigm shift at that moment.

Sarah Davis

“I felt as though I had these cracks, and they got filled. I am still feeling the light from it today. Thank you, Jan!