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You are my Inspiration!

When was the last time you tried something new?  When did you last step out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill?  Did you get up at 3:30 in the morning to do it?  I mean who really makes high school kids get up that early?

My daughter decided to go out for her school’s swim team because it is a no cut sport.  She knew she would be on the C team, knew that she could stay in shape for soccer, and hoped that she could swim with her friends.

During the four days of time trials, she learned that her best stroke is the breast stroke. I should say it is the only stroke she knows well enough to swim the whole length of the pool.  When she attempted all the other strokes, she had the captains of the team swimming beside her, encouraging her to keep going.  I can pretty much say that out of all the girls on the team, my daughter falls dead last.  But what she lacks in talent, she makes up for in spirit and determination.  She is not a quitter, and is looking forward to swimming at 5:30 two mornings a week just to improve her skills. She really wants to learn how to float!

My daughter inspires me.  She reminds me that even when life is challenging, you don’t give up and walk away just because something is hard. She teaches me that when you hang in there, you can learn what you need to know and become successful.  Success for her this season is to learn something new and to stick with a new sport.  It is not about winning.  Yet she is a winner in my mind.

As I work at marketing my book, I know that I am treading water in new territory, and I only have to think of my daughter and know that the skills I need to learn will come to me in time. My journey isn’t about how fast I can get to the finish line, only that I eventually do reach my goal.

I am so grateful to have a teacher like my daughter in my life.  She inspires me with her courage and determination.  She inspires me with her positive outlook on life and her willingness to look silly as she improves her skills.  Plus, she is in line to receive the most improved award at the end of the season.  Isn’t that worth working for?

So I ask you again, when was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?  What can you learn from my daughter and apply to your own life?

My sweet girl, thank you for helping me to see my own challenges in a different light. I love you!

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  1. Hmm.. last time I felt out of my comfort zone was when I was to appear on a radio show. I was so nervous leaving my office to go to the studio, but when I got in the car and drove to the studio my nerves relaxed .. I concentrated on having fun and the gratitude I felt for being asked to be on the show made my heart + face smile!!

  2. And didn’t it feel like a huge accomplishment afterward, because you had done something new? Way to go Ada!

  3. Sometimes all it takes is getting into the pool. It’s sad how often we avoid the difficult tasks in life that will move us ahead because of fear of the unknown, or starting and not being the best or perfect. There is much to learn from this lesson and the young wisdom of your daughter. There aren’t very many adults who would be willing to start at the bottom, but for most of us – that’s exactly where we need to start.

  4. What a wonderful story. Of course being the swimmer that I am, I was attracted to the swimming part and admire your daughter for her grit and resolve to just do it even when she did not feel swimming was her calling.
    I also love how our children can inspire us so. My daughters amaze me too. Thanks for sharing!

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