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You are Surrounded by Love

Healing Touch is a wonderful modality to bring a person back in touch with their body.  My sessions always include a visualization for my client. Today, I feel like I benefited from the healing as much as my client did.

Although I said this to my client as if she was having the experience, I am writing it in first person so you can enjoy it too.

I find myself on a Hawaiian beach at sunrise, where there is still more dark than light.  The resort beach chairs are stacked one on top of the other, waiting for the onslaught of people to occupy them under the hot sun.  The palm trees barely move with the sea breeze and all is quiet.  I am alone on the beach.  I sit where high tide has packed the sand and left it dark and smooth.  I dig my toes deep into the sand and find warmth from yesterday’s sun still clinging to the grains of tiny rocks.  I breathe in and let the warmth travel up my body and warm all of me.  I am reminded that love has brought me to this place today, and as I look back in my life, I see all the love that has helped me to become who I am.  A childhood friend comes to mind, a former boss, a college professor,  parents and friends, daughters and my husband who have all graced my life with their love and helped form me.  I also see love that didn’t come in the packages I expected- the people who caused me to grow through an uncomfortable experience.  They too, in their own way, have added to the love in my life, if only in the form of more self love.
I see all the love that lies within and around me, and I am filled with a spirit of peace. I continue to be aware of my breath, receiving and letting go as the waves roll into the beach.  


May this small meditation take you away from the cold and the snow and back to a place of center and peace.

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